Hello, my name is Graeme Palmer and I welcome you to my web site. Thanks for dropping in.

I operate as a sole trader (ABN: 36 303 680 947) using the trading name Jiggity Jig which is a registered business and I am also a licensed second-hand dealer (SHD-0014197). At present all my sales are confined to eBay as I am limited to a home-based operation located in New Gisborne but this is set to change in the near future as I am currently seeking a dedicated warehouse in the Greater Melbourne area, probably in the western or northern suburbs. My inventory includes, but is not limited to, automotive parts, computer parts and accessories, camera accessories, books and electrical items, obtained mainly from business closures, liquidations and overstock clearances and in most cases being what is usually termed "New Old Stock" (NOS), with some brand new lines integrated as well.

As you can see the web site is rather basic for the moment but as my presentation and coding skills improve it will become the main showcase for the business, initially featuring updated information and eventually transitioning to a complete online store. In the meantime please consider the offerings available in my eBay store and check on progress here from time to time as well.

Contact Details

I can be reached via the eBay message system, by direct email using sales@jiggityjig.com.au or by phone on 0412 222 014.

Postal address is Jiggity Jig, 253 Station Road, New Gisborne, Victoria, 3438, Australia.

The internet address for my eBay store is http://stores.ebay.com.au/Jiggity-Jig/ and you can follow the link or cut and paste the URL into your browser.